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This is a collaborative project.

We have a goal of raising approximately $ 20,000.00 to meet the following needs:

Have the capacity to offer scholarships (total and partial) for those young people who have the profile and want to participate but can not afford the costs of the retreat;

Finance team costs: organizers, teachers and facilitators;


Maintain an attractive and simple communication system - website, feed social networks, produce videos, texts and other materials to take the school to those who believe in initiatives like this and is open to it and for you to follow and participate in that evolution easily;


Prepare and plan for the continuity of the project, performing it with excellence for these three years.

Holding Hands

Donate through

Bank Deposit

New Zealand

Centre for the Great Turning


Other ways of donation get in contact

Jaime Howell
+64 021 02644351

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