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A vision and a pathway has arisen for a three year school of wisdom and compassion beginning in 2019. The past three New Zealand Bodhi Seeds retreats have shown us young people have vital gifts to share and that they are hungry for refuge.


“In the practical realm, Bodhi Seeds has been a time in nature’s wonder with less gurus, less hierarchy, less push to get somewhere other than here. It is gentle, has opportunity for wonderment, intimacy, patience, and joy! “ (Jaime Howell, after the last edition of Bodhi Seeds, 2018)


The school is a place for developing skills, mentoring, honouring and spaces to deepen into a lived experience of connectedness and belonging. Where priority will be given to the cultivation of the human innate potential for collaboration, cooperation and caring, strengthening their ability to respond skillfully, whole and compassionately to the challenges we currently face as individuals and society. It will be accessible, be caring, spacious and will have periods of community, silence and solitude. It will provide opportunities to offer and celebrate collective talents and giving service to the local community. All this in an embodied way, valuing the movement of the body and being in the body to explore the heart of meditation.


The school is called 'Immeasurable School of Wisdom and Compassion'. This is because life is immeasurable. You are immeasurable, love is immeasurable, the consequences of attending the school will be immeasurable. By stating this we commit ourselves to openness and possibility.


In its structure, it is a retreat with at least one month of duration, that will take place over 3 years in different parts of the world.

Brazil - August-November 2019

Brazil, August 2020, Building Community in the Nature of Being 

New Zealand, November 2020, Clear Vision Retreat at Treesong Farm and Retreat


We are offering it to young adults (20-35 years) who are essentially motivated to offer, discover and empower their talents and direct their energy to contribute to the cultivation of an even more affectionate, awakened, wise and compassionate humanity.


The explorations, life and the living of Tarchin Hearn and Mary Jenkins have essentially inspired the birth of the school. Together with the encouragement and support of Jangchub Reid, Verena Reid and members of the Brazilian community, the school will have its first year in Brazil. In its second year, we have the encouragement and support of Chime Shore and the Origins Center community, Perth, Australia. In its third and final year, the the school will happen in New Zealand.


The curriculum is precious, a result of the dedication of these great teachers and so many others who have taken responsibility for participating in the maturation of the human being in his best. We mix all these things together with an intention to be fully in service and do it for long enough time so the young explorers experience what they are learning to sink beyond the intellect into the flesh and bones of every situation and circumstance.


Our job is to keep the teachings moving, to transmit them, to continue exploring and to offer refuge in countless ways.


To radically contribute for a culture of a healthy, loving, connected with nature and inclusive world, through the opening of a precious space and time (3 months) in the life of young adults (20-35 years) to the practice and expression of Being Human in all its aspects: emotional, physical, mental, soul and relational.



 The deepening into the Art of Meditation / Mindfulness. The knowing / remembering of the unfolding of life as it is, here and now. Compassion and understanding about the radical interdependence of all phenomena.


The Practice of Loving Communication happening in oneself and others through deep listening and speaking from the heart, mainly inspired, but not only, by Nonviolent Communication.


The Connection with Nature, exploring the roots of our belonging to the natural world through practices that involve contemplation, investigation and interaction.


Rites of Passage - Community processes of initiation, awareness of gifts and griefs,

offering thresholds of change and commitment. Knowing the development tasks appropriate to each life stage.


Sacred Art as a way of celebrating and expressing creativity, playfulness and responsiveness in the face of change and the challenges of life. As a method of individuation and as a tool for social and environmental change.

PRAXIS (Action-reflection-learning cycles)

Capacities for Inner work*: knowing yourself in relation to everything. Pathways and processes of emotional maturity such as: an ability to move well with impermanence/change; resilience, emotional regulation.

*Inner work means exploring the role of nature and the development of the human psyche.


Cultivating wholesome Community: everything included (nature, creatures, humans) nothing left out, bringing out the best in self and each other.


Offering our Gifts: ability to know our gifts that are in harmony with worlds needs (soul purpose). Efforts to bring forth beauty into our world and make the world more wonderful.


Celebration and Honoring: valuing joy, practising embodied release/letting go; cultivating intimate attunement and connection; celebrating wholesome activity of self and others.

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