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19th June-25th 

Touching the Earth Solstice Retreat

All the mytho-poets say the same thing - we must leave the village, enter the forest and return with the gift. Touching the Earth is a guided journey inspired by the work of Bill Plotkin and Joanna Macy. It is a nature-based journey of soul; a retreat to embody your true belonging, confidence, resilience and creativity. It will lead you ever closer to a conversation with the living earth.


We will explore together through Open Floor movement inquiries, non-dual meditations, guided nature reflections and dreamwork. We will aspire to bring together our bodies, hearts and minds with instincts for wisdom in service to the Great Turning away from an Industrial Growth society towards a Life Sustaining one.


This is a 7 day residential retreat with private spaces, all meals provided in beautiful valleys and mountains of the Wangapeka. Facilitated by Jaime Howell, Rene Aish & Juliette McConachy

Places are limited

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End of April 2023

Soulcraft 5 Day Retreat with Animas Valley guide Doug Van Houten 

5 day Animas Valley Soulcraft retreat at Treesong land, Motueka Valley

Soulcraft practices spring from nature-based cultures, modern depth psychology, the poetic tradition, and wilderness rites of passage—to comprise a truly contemporary Western path to soul discovery and soul initiation.

Places are limited

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29th March-3rd April

moMENtum Gathering

A journey for men young and old who hunger to free themselves from limiting beliefs and behaviours. This is for men who want to feel more empowered and able to stand up for what matters, it is about showing up for ourselves, family, friends and society


The 5 days will; 

Help you to become more connected with your body and feelings. 

Build understanding of masculine and feminine energies and how they play out in our relationships. 

Explore wounds around toxic masculinity

Deepen our connection with brothers, ancestors and the land, moving our bodies, and having fun together.

Express your interest here

moMENtum morning Workshop

11th February 10am - 1pm

An Introduction to Wholeness for men. Memorial Hall, Lower Moutere Motueka

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12-15th January Eden Festival

29th January Evolve Festival Nelson

Concert for the Great Turning

The Great Turning is a phrase coined by Joanna Macy, a living myth for our time. It speaks to the necessary transition from an techno-industrial growth society to a greener self sustaining society.

Jaime recites poems by David Whyte, Mary Oliver and other soul poets to weave a transformative and inspiring journey with original songs and interactive conscious dance into the spirit of the Great Turning

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