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November 2022


A residential wilderness retreat in 2 parts inspired by the mythology of the Shambhala Warrior/Lover. This is an old story about a time on earth when some humans begin to wake up and show up. These people know they belong in the web of life. They aspire to bring forth a new culture based on the fruition of wisdom and compassion. They cultivate the four facets of human wholeness to collaborate in the Great Turning as described by Joanna Macy.


Key Skills of a Shambhala Warrior/Lover

  • Courage and capacity to be authentic to your true self

  • Awakening to our deep belonging to the living world

  • Opportunities for whole-ing trauma, personal, community and ancestral

  • Resources to embody your unique gift at this time

  • Capacities for feeling, sensing, imagining and thinking

  • Skills for Self care

  • Abilities for meditation and insight 

  • A warriors courage for love and clear seeing

  • Humility and gentleness born of deep self and other acceptance

The retreat is a 14 day event with three possibilities for participation. 


Week one will focus on nature connection, offering rituals to explore gratitude and honour our pain,  There will be an initiation journey into eco awakening. The week takes place at the Tui Events Park with its sauna, hot tubs, fire circles, open floor movement inquires and more.


Week two brings into the being the gifts of seeing with new eyes and visioning through the process of insight into our deep belonging in the world through meditation at Wangapeka Study Retreat. 



There are 3 possibilities of participation, these include:

  1. Participate in the whole journey, 3rd to 17th November 

  2. Part One: 3rd to 8th November in the TreeField, Golden Bay

  3. Part Two:  9th to 17th November at the Wangapeka Study & Retreat Centre


This retreat is for all ages and we have an aspiration that young people can afford this opportunity. 


If the cost is a limitation for you, we are open to hear your needs and think together about some possibilities that can support you. Yes there are some possibilities that are already in our view.

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From 03rd - 08th November

Community Building

Nature connection

Open Floor dance

Initiation/sweat lodge

Hot tub

food, sharings circles and more




Early Bird Cost $495

if register before Oct 1st

Dana/koha for the facilitators

from 03rd - 17th November

From the rituals and investigations into our Wild Minds at the Treefield to the integrative stillness of the Wangapeka Study & Retreat Centre.

A journey into Human Wholeness



$1300 - $1450*

Early Bird Cost $ 1095 - $1200* 

if register before Oct 1st

Dana/koha for the facilitators

*cost dependes on type of accomodation at Wangapeka

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from 09rd - 17th November

Entering the heart of clear seeing and love

Learning to rest in the fullness of being. A guided meditation retreat with emphasis on Nature connection and human wholeness



$650- $875*

Early Bird Cost $600 - $820*

if register before Oct 1st

Dana/koha for the facilitators

*cost dependes on type of accomodation at Wangapeka

The costs includes food, accommodation and resource fee

We are not including in this price our role as organizers and facilitators. To contribute to our work you can choose to give what is in your heart combining with what is possible for you at this moment. A Dana/Koha box will be available. 

The cost for the full journey and the Wangapeka part vary with the type of accommodation, camping or staying in units/huts and if you are a member or not. The lower cost is for those who want to camp as a member at Wangapeka from 9th -17th November.

For other possibilities, please get in contact! | 0204 011 9025 (Ju) | 0210 264 4351 (Jaime)


Managers and facilitators

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Jaime Howell

Jaime is a trained Wilderness Rites of Passage guide, Work That Reconnects facilitator and experienced teacher of Open Floor movement practice. He is the founder of the Centre for the Great Turning. Inspired by Joanna Macy, Bill Plotkin, Tarchin Hearn and many more. Jaime is a humble life apprentice to offering Inepi (Sweat Lodge) and is growing into the guiding role of offering Vision Quests with the flavour of natural awakening as taught and demonstrated by Tarchin Hearn. These powerful initiations can help humans remember their innate sense of belonging to the natural world. Jaime has a Masters in Education, a mean blues guitar and a passion for songwriting

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Juliana Griese

I  have been exploring and sharing progressively since 2007, contemplative practices/meditation moved by a passion in the area of ecology and community care. I  worked for more than 15 years in Brazil with NGOs, the environmental movement and research projects focused on wild animal ecology. I am beginning to explore more deeply and delivering The Work that Reconnects for communities and in retreats. I am a NVC passionate and do my best to put it into practice. I am an enthusiastic supporter of community building. Me and  Jaime are a couple in awakening, singing, meditating and building a home together. We have the deepest aspiration to support each other in our growth and  collaborate in the Great Turning.

Facilitator and Support

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Adge Tucker

Adge has 30 years experience working in a variety of ways with people, family
and Community. The last 20 have been in Golden Bay where he’s been a close
part of developing and directing the Rites of Passage Foundation and the
Tracks programmes.
He’s a student of the ‘human condition’ and a firm believer in people’s
instinctive knowledge, good nature and ability to assist one another in
profound ways.

Potrait Ming_edited.jpg

Ming Janssen

Ming’s embodied practices started 15 years ago in Indonesia when she was introduced to Tantric Hatha Yoga by Ketut Arsana. A vast journey of enquiry into the science of yoga & somatics followed and she’s been teaching for the last 6 years. Her accreditation is with Awakening Arts, School of Yoga & Eco-Somatic Therapies 200 RYT. Play and curiosity is her mantra. And she invites you to explore new pathways of movement and connection within your body and the wider earth body ‘Terra Soma’.

Cook and Group Care


Laksmi Crick

Laksmi Crick has practiced meditation for 25 years; which has underpinned/anchored the twists and turns of life. She has worked as a gardener, cook, outdoor instructor, support worker and massage therapist; loves the connections between many heart-centered, holistic traditions and sharing the human experience. A privilege to cook, be with the group and to support this amazing work!



Bill McEwan

I’m a 76 year old retired counsellor with an academic background in Agricultural Science and Theology. I live in Blenheim with Lois. In 2015 I felt overwhelmed by an ignorance of climate awareness in Marlborough and sat in the centre of Blenheim for a week with my son Robbie and fasted. That led to the formation of Climate Karanga Marlborough. I’m giving a lot of attention to ways of being an older person in an adolescent society. I am a work in progress and treasure close listening, silence, patience, emotional warmth, tenderness with shame and support for the broken-hearted. 
profound ways.


Lois Mead-McEwan

I am a seventy year old retiree with a professional background in education and mental health.
I’m passionate about the well-being of the eco-system - in the widest sense of the word - and all that interconnects within it.
Running alongside this is a love of making collages, singing, poetry writing and playing an indigenous North American flute, all of which are expressions of my internal world.
Family, friends, humour and adventure also play an important role in my personal well-being.

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