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Touching the Earth

19-25th June Solstice Retreat

Wangapeka Study & Retreat Centre


All the mytho-poets say the same thing - we must leave the village, enter the forest and return with the gift.


Touching the Earth is a guided journey into human wholeness inspired by the work of Bill Plotkin and Joanna Macy. This is a nature-based retreat to support the journey of soul initiation, inspiration and encouragement to find the unique offering that is yours to make, a retreat to find, feel and fuel our belonging, confidence, resilience and creativity. 


We will explore together through Open Floor movement inquiries, yoga, non-dual meditations, guided nature reflections, group singing and dreamwork. We will aspire to bring together our bodies, hearts and minds with instincts for wisdom in service to the Great Turning away from an Industrial Growth society towards a Life Sustaining one.


If you have not visited Wangapeka you are in for a treat. Situated on the fringes of Kahurangi national park. A place of mountains and rivers with a history of awakening arts. 


These costs include accomodation in a hut or a private room unless stated otherwise; 3 nourishing meals each day, cooks fee, all teaching resources and access to three experienced guides.


Non Wangapeka Member $698 + Dana/Koha

Member $638 + Dana/Koha



There is only one question

How are you going to love this world?

Mary Oliver




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Jaime Howell

Jaime is a trained Wilderness Rites of Passage guide, Work That Reconnects facilitator and experienced teacher of Open Floor movement practice. He is the founder of the Centre for the Great Turning, inspired by Joanna Macy, Bill Plotkin, Tarchin Hearn and many more. 


In recent years he has been working to develop a map of human wholeness. A map that offers guidance and inspiration to undertake the journey of human wholeness. The work involves bringing communities together to create and support meaningful passageways between the life stages.


Jaime uses mythology, poetry, song and embodied conscious dance to help people enter the landscape of the soul. His work is about helping humans rediscover their innate sense of belonging to the natural world. He has a Masters in Education, a legitimate blues guitar and a passion for rites of passage that are empowering and that ultimate help folks be in wholesome relationship with the Great Turning.



Juliette has spent the past decade (plus) in professional training along side world class yoga teachers, travelled the world to sit at the feet of her spiritual guides, clocked many hours in meditation halls and the shifting terrains of her yoga practice.  Compelled by the pursuit of health, belonging and liberation, Juliette dove heart first into trainings in Psychosomatic Therapy, Birth work, Yoni Mapping Therapy and Somatic Movement Therapy. Juliette launched Awakening Arts in January 2019 as a home for seekers of truth-centric community and embodied liberation. 

She is the founder and director of Rooms for Courage, center for courageous living in Mōhua, Aotearoa (NZ)

More than just a cook

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Rene Aish

Rene lives in Palmerston North in the shadow of the Ruahine and Tararua Ranges, watered by the Manawatu river. He is a father to three boys, counsellor, and Soulcentric Nature Based Underworld Guide in training with Animas Valley Institute. As a guide and mentor his work is to help people dive into deepest conversation they can have with themselves and with the Earth so they might follow their Soul’s deepest longing, come to know and embrace their sacred gifts, live a life of creative service, and rediscover their deep belonging to the Earth community

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Juliana Griese

I  have been exploring and sharing progressively since 2007, contemplative practices/meditation moved by a passion in the area of ecology and community care. I  worked for more than 15 years in Brazil with NGOs, the environmental movement and research projects focused on wild animal ecology. I am beginning to explore more deeply and delivering The Work that Reconnects for communities and in retreats. I am a NVC passionate and do my best to put it into practice. I am an enthusiastic supporter of community building. Me and  Jaime are a couple in awakening, singing, meditating and building a home together. We have the deepest aspiration to support each other in our growth and  collaborate in the Great Turning.

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