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Soul Poems, Original Songs & Dance for the Great Turning...


 The Hero’s Journey means facing your fears, slaying a dragon, and gaining 25k followers on Instagram. But that’s not the real hero’s journey. In the real hero’s journey, the dragon slays YOU."
Leonard Cohen

...And that is the story Jaime shares through music and story. The concert ends with an interactive dance to put some wheel on the inspiration. The concert is available for communities and organisation who are motivated to live the Great Turning. 

“It is difficult to get the news from poems 
yet (hu)mans die miserably every day for lack
 of what is found there.”
William Carlos Williams

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Jaime is a natural performer with a story to tell. From his first word to his last, his songs and poems take us straight to our heart. With humour and insight his story becomes our story - he speaks to and about our common humanity.   As our natural world sits close to the precipice of disaster Jaime's story, told through ballard, poetry and personal anecdotes is ultimately a story of hope. Jaime's dears to address a big question, How the hell do we find our way out of here? In the Great Turning Jaime shares the answers he has found through personal struggle. With humour and beauty he provides musical and poetic sustenance for the soul. A skilful, creative and soulful response to the collective challenges of our time. 


Hester Phillips Nelson 2022

Image by Jenny Rahman

What an amazing moment at riverside yesterday night!

I am writing this email to thank you and to communicate

my congratulations and gratitude for that wonderful night

you offered to all of us. Your Music, stories, poetry and

humour took me through an amazing journey.

I just loved it so much. I hope I will be able to see you

performing again and listen to your wise words and

teaching. Once again your were very inspiring to me

and I have a lot of respect for the energy you are

investing into the great turning. 


Love and support to you.



I'm sure you already had a lot of wonderful feedback but still wanted to let you know that we were deeply touched and amazed at the quality of your offering. Quality of the powerful heartfelt energy behind the words and music, quality of the poetry, sounds & rhythms, quality of the authenticity that radiates out of your being, quality of your professionalism combining poems, stories, music, collaboration, dance facilitation,...a cocktail of gifts you offer us, inspiring us to embody our best selves to be of service.I do hope there will be a next time soon!

By the way, it seems you've been doing that for a while. I guess all your past experiences have contributed to creating what you're able to offer now. It is splendid. 


You being on stage doesn't come from a place of ego. It's not coming from the usual masculine energy wanting to prove something or succeed. I can feel you had to dig deep into your darkness and feminine energy, into this deeper knowing that this is what you have to do. Maybe it seemed to you like being vulnerable on stage, but it appeared as perfectly balanced energy of strength and surrender. Well done Jaime!

Sarah Riverside Community Concert 2022

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Image by Jenny Rahman
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