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A Quiet Revolution Into Human Wholeness

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Our workshops, residential retreats and online courses are about the Great Turning as described by Joanna Macy, guided and inspired by the map of human wholeness developed by Bill Plotkin & Animas Valley.


The Great Turning is a call to support the beauty of life (human and more than human) for the generations to come. It is a turning away from the ideologies and practices currently valued by a patho-adolescent culture that assumes humans at the centre who must conform and consume, without attention to consequences, in order to make progress.


Like a rite of passage into human wholeness, it requires preparation work and courage to peel back the layers of conditioning to uncover something incredibly precious and needed at this time in earth evolution…True Adults !

"At the heart of all the education offered we believe that what our communities need most is "True Adults." True adults are demonstrations of moral intelligence, matched with courage, they tend to see and behave according to inter generational time and have an unshakable understanding that they are a part of the web of life." Jaime

The journeys we offer are about re-storying, re wilding, re wiring ourselves so we may speak and act from our true voice, know who we are, know clearly the kind of world we want to live in, and equally know what we do not agree with or support.


The Centre for the Great Turning is a part of a global community that is committed to the shift away from an industrial growth society into a life-sustaining society. This Blessed Unrest is what P Hawken calls ‘the largest social movement in history.’


We achieve this process through self knowledge, wilderness encounters, meditation, rites of passage and the wisdom and wonder of intergenerational communities daring to engage in brave conversations, sharing skills, feelings and knowledge about new structures and systems for species well being


We have developed over decades experiential nature education and empowerment for children, adolescents, young adults and adult moving on the path of eldership.

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Great Turning

12-15th January
at Eden Festival at Highden Temple

Jaime will share a handful of original songs about a transition, a story told with soul poems of the mytho- poets such as David Whyte, Mary Oliver and more. It will map a pathless journey of the personal/collective unravelling and the possibilities that exist to marry ego and soul in service to the Great Turning.

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by Animas Valley

28-2nd May

5 day Animas Valley Soulcraft retreat at Treesong land in the end of April

Soulcraft practices spring from nature-based cultures, modern depth psychology, the poetic tradition, and wilderness rites of passage—to comprise a truly contemporary Western path to soul discovery and soul initiation.

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29th March - 3rd April
at Tui Events, Park 
Golden Bay


A five day Journey to Empower Men

Tui Events Park Golden Bay

29 March - 3rd April 2023


A journey for men young and old who hunger to free themselves from limiting beliefs and behaviours. This is for men who want to feel more empowered and able to stand up for what matters, it is about showing up for ourselves, family, friends and society

Empowering Men

11th February

at the Memorial Hall, Lower Moutere

A morning movement workshop for Men to build connections and community,  to move the body and free up some tensions in the body.

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Touching the Earth

19th - 25 June 
at the Wangapeka Study & Retreat Centre

 Touching the Earth is a guided journey inspired by the work of Bill Plotkin and Joanna Macy. It is a nature-based journey of soul; a retreat to embody your true belonging, confidence, resilience and creativity. It will lead you ever closer to a conversation with the living earth.



In all the stages of this offering; preparing the ground, planting seeds, chthonic emergence, growth and harvesting…


We take refuge in the true state of affairs; spontaneously ever-present, timeless awareness, radical inclusivity, unfolding in all it's fullness, the vast ungraspable suchness that is this living world/universe.


We recognize, celebrate and cultivate the paths, teachings and encouragements that support our realizing the true state of affairs. Bringing forth generosity, wholesome relating, patience, skilled use of energy, a continuity of caring and enquiry, and wise understanding.

Releasing into a profound sense of being this continuously gestating mystery of communion – this is our home.

Smiling; Breathing; Present; Appreciating; Offering, this school will deepen this confident knowing/experience of refuge


Adapted from Sadhana de Samantabhadra, Tarchin Hearn

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