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A Quiet Revolution Into Human Wholeness

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Workshops and residential retreats in service to the Great Turning as described by Joanna Macy, guided and inspired by the map of human wholeness developed by Bill Plotkin & Animas Valley. The Great Turning is a call to support the beauty of life (human and more than human) for the generations to come. It is a movement away from the ideologies and practices of infinite growth on a finite planet. 


We facilitate rites of passages into human wholeness. The diagram to the left is a map of 8 life stages. It shows the maturation of the human psyche from a necessary self centred position into a place of nourishing our gifts and offering them in service to building flourishing intergenerational communities.

"At the heart of all the education offered we believe that what our communities need most is "True Adults." True adults are demonstrations of moral intelligence, matched with courage, they tend to see and behave according to inter generational time and have an unshakable understanding that they are a part of the web of life."

The Centre for the Great Turning is a part of a global community that is committed to the shift away from an industrial growth society into a life-sustaining society. This Blessed Unrest is what P Hawken calls ‘the largest social movement in history.’


We move closer to these aspiration through self knowledge, trauma informed body movement, wilderness encounters, meditation, rites of passage and the wisdom and wonder of intergenerational communities daring to engage in brave conversations, sharing skills, feelings and knowledge about new structures and systems for species well being


We have developed over decades experiential nature education and empowerment for children, adolescents, young adults and adults moving on the path of eldership.

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