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Painting by Damiet Loor

A Foundation Course
for Being Human

Cultivating the Nurturing Generative Adult
The nature-based journey to insight, visionary leadership, and cultural regeneration

1st -5th August
Motueka Valley


Training Cost
Scholarship $350 

(Priority given to young adults 18-40)

Includes experienced guides, wholesome food, accommodation, Open Floor movement, sweat lodge, art making and elders 

Nurturing Generative Adult 

A time to honour the dark. No matter our chronological age, we each have the seed of the wise elder/adult within. The essence of which is about living with love and clear seeing, the relocation of the centre of gravity, from ego centred to eco centred. Two qualities of the Inner adult are awareness and creativity. 

Awareness is to the capacity to know, and to know you know, and to know we humans will only ever know a small part of what exists. An abundant capacity in poor supply in these busy times. Yet it is the ground of maturity, knowing thyself and human kindness. It is a place of deep acceptance for the way things are.​

Creativity is our birthrite. It is our opportunity to give away our gift in service to a more beautiful world.If you cannot dream your life into being, then how is it going to happen? 

 This 5 day training is a time to call these capacities into being. To come together in a community, supported with elders, darkness, fire, mystery, and treesong. 

We will dance, be still, share council and circle together, heal and whole through guided processes, silence and sweat lodge. Each participant will be given the resources and the coaching to allow a work of art to come forth from this place of the nurturing generative elder within.

Why Rewild?

Elements of the Four Trainings of Rewild

North - Courting the Wild Natural One within.

Connect with your innate wildness through nature; explore the healthy expression of feelings bringing healing to the wounded child; exploring life force, instinct and intimate relating to self, other and our world.

West - Foundations to Encounter Soul. 

Soul as  muse, dark mystery, guide to the underworld. The possibility to earn our name, find our soul gift for the world. In a Dark Time the eye begins to see… Dream work, myth work, Shadow work. Laying foundations for Vision quest wilderness solo.

South - Growing the capacities of the inner generative, nurturing inner adult. Develop capacities for self care, self regulation. How to live with awareness, apprentice to the art of maturing the ego to be in service to human soul. Able to create from the tensions of the polarities.

East - Sacred fool and the harvest of pure presence. 

Learning to rest in non dual awareness of being, matched with the capacitors of the sacred fool, trickster, the one able to speak truth to power, able to pivot, to turn difficulties into opportunities. 

The 4 retreats are aimed to help humans of all ages develop a embodied sense of belonging to this living earth, to touch, taste, glimpse the mystery behind all appearances that may speak to them of their unique gift for the human and more than human community. While the retreats are aimed to support young adults aged 20-40 I am inviting people of all ages because every life stage brings a gift, it takes a village to grow a child psychology into an adult one. This is a vision of a learning village where each life stage supports each other. The aspiration is to facilitate the foundations of Wholeness as described in Bill Plotkins helpful book, Wild Mind.



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Jaime is a trained Wilderness Rites of Passage guide, Work That Reconnects facilitator and experienced teacher of Open Floor movement practice. He is the founder of the Centre for the Great Turning. Inspired by Joanna Macy, Bill Plotkin, Tarchin Hearn and many more. Jaime is a humble life apprentice to offering Inepi (Sweat Lodge) and is growing into the guiding role of offering Vision Quests with the flavour of natural awakening as taught and demonstrated by Tarchin Hearn. These powerful initiations can help humans remember their innate sense of belonging to the natural world. Jaime has a Masters in Education, a mean blues guitar and a passion for songwriting

Jaime Howell

Facilitators and Support

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Adge Tucker

Adge has 30 years experience working in a variety of ways with people, family and Community.


The last 20 have been in Golden Bay where he’s been a close
part of developing and directing the Rites of Passage Foundation and the Tracks programmes.
He’s a student of the ‘human condition’ and a firm believer in people’s instinctive knowledge, good nature and ability to assist one another in profound ways.

Amy Weber

Amy Weber.jpeg

Embracing a heart-centered approach as an Intentional Creativity teacher, Amy finds joy walking alongside kindred spirits. Guiding others to access their internal wisdom and fostering connections with consciousness and intention is Amy’s passion.  With a natural capacity for deep listening and a calm demeanour, Amy delights in assisting individuals on the journey of heart connection, pausing along the way to witness magical moments. She wholeheartedly believes in the innate creativity within us all. Beyond teaching and painting, Amy dedicates time to her family and facilitating rites of passage events for teenage girls.



Bill McEwan

I’m a 79 year old retired counsellor with an academic background in Agricultural Science and Theology. I live in Blenheim with Lois. In 2015 I felt overwhelmed by an ignorance of climate awareness in Marlborough and sat in the centre of Blenheim for a week with my son Robbie and fasted. That led to the formation of Climate Karanga Marlborough. I’m giving a lot of attention to ways of being an older person in an adolescent society. I am a work in progress and treasure close listening, silence, patience, emotional warmth, tenderness where there is shame and support for the broken hearted.


Lois Mead-McEwan

I’m a 72 year old grandmother with a professional background in education and mental health. I’m passionate about the well-being of the ecosystem - in the widest sense of the word - and all that interconnects within it.

Running alongside this is a love for making collages, writing poetry and performing at open mic, creating functional household items using fibre arts, music and dance.

Family, friends, community, adventure, nature and humour also play an important role in my personal well-being.

Afew paragraphs to share about the ReWild trainings



We have lost touch with our Wildness and we need this more than ever. 

Our ancestral inheritance, our connection to earth has the power to show us who we really are and where we belong.

A consequence of western modern society (especially for masculinity) is the tendency to repress fundamental modes of healthy being, namely our capacity for imagination and deep play, and our ability to know and use feelings as compass for wholeness, our connection with eros and our love for the world. These capacities are how we connect to our life force, they are how we will find our way to our unique gift we are born to share with the world. This training will begin the work of reclaiming and integrating these ancient energies in service to wholeness.


More than a peak experience but the possibility of on going support with scholarships that mean you can really integrate the new understandings into your living.


We have spent over a decade exploring and facilitating retreats. Our work in the rites of passage has shown us that every training needs on going to support if wholesome change is to be sustained. The inertia of unwholesome habitual patterns are strong, so are the powers of media and consumerism. We seek to create soulful experiences, glimpses of insight and match them with on going support which mean that the new patterns of wholesome behaviours have a better chance to be integrated skifully into the living of our families, friends and working life, especially for young adults.



Every life stage has a gift and a responsibility, and thereare not so many places that will teach you about these.

Every life stage has a gift, an archetypal inheritance that if tapped will bring energy and resources. Every life stage also has some essential development tasks, when a person tends to these the result is psychological maturity, or put another way, there is a sense of joy and fulfilment, like you are in the flow and aligned with your path of purpose.  You will not read about these in our schools, universities and businesses. These are the development tasks that will lead you all the way towards and into  Soul Initiation, this is the possibility of finding and offering your unique gift for the world. 



What is a True Adult?

True Adults know what is wholesome and what is not, and they have self assuredness. They know something of their shadows, enough to live with responsible awareness. They also know their gifts and they offer them. Most of all they stand firm yet flowing, in the birthright of their belonging to and in service of Earth. Our experience is that these kind of people have a twinkle in their eye, and a nose for the right kind of trouble. They also know how to relax and be at ease.

The people at Animas Valley have developed a map to this and we are bringing this to life in Aotearoa New Zealand, at a third of the cost and with an appreciation and dedication to respect the people and the perspectives of the people indigenous to this land.



REWild is

Intergenerational communities supporting each other to develop maps, pathways and initiations that lead to a meaningful, resilient, wholesome life.

Less gurus, less isolated therapy on mass, less indulgent fragmented life styles that rob future generations of life resource and more thriving communities where we cooperate to raise inspired and empowered future generations.

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