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Bill Plotkin is coming to Aotearoa (NZ)

The Centre for the Great Turning is thrilled to share news that Bill Plotkin (and two other Animas Valley Guides; Brian Stafford and Laura Gunion) are coming to guide two wilderness intensives in November 2024. This is the first time Bill will visit New Zealand, and acknowledging his age and stage of life, this could be the one and only time.

The visit dates are 13-26th November. He will guide two  5 day residential courses that will take place in the fringes of the Kahurangi National Park (near Nelson). Both courses are for mature practitioners and both will require an application process. The courses offered are "Sweet Darkness" and  "Deep Imagination " 

Deep Imagination

In this immersion, we offer inter-connected, multi-layered experiential practices – including deep imagery journeys, dreamwork, solo wanderings on the land, stream-of-consciousness writing, conversations with other-than-human beings, and poetry – that shift our consciousness toward the depths, toward the wilder, mythopoetic current that streams beneath everything else. There is a significant difference between intellectually recognizing that Earth is alive versus directly experiencing an ensouled world. Experiences of participatory relationship re-shape the ways we enact our lives. Through the wild window of deep imagination, we might experience the soul of the world – in all its dimensions, textures, hues, and wild voices – in intimate relationship with our mysterious human soul, which is the psychospiritual – or mythopoetic – niche that each of us uniquely occupies in the larger community of Earth/ Cosmos.

For more information and application click here

Sweet Darkness

Sweet Darkness: The Initiatory Gifts of the Shadow, Projections, Subpersonalities, and the Sacred Wound, is Animas Valley Institute’s most intensive short program...  Unlike in many modalities, we will strive to get close to the ways we are vulnerable and the ways our sensitivity has been challenging. Through experiential practices, we will explore how a Core Wound may be re-mythologized into a Sacred Wound. If you are in a place where your wound story is particularly painful to visit and you are seeking greater comfort, then Sweet Darkness is not recommended at this time. 


For more information and application process click here

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