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27th 7-9.30pm Open Floor Dance

28th 9.30am-4pm ReSOURCE Workshop


Open Floor and the Work That Reconnects.

A day workshop to guide us through a spiral of gratitude, honouring pain and empowerment

- Deepen and extend your capacity to move

- Practise using feelings as fuel for your creativity

- Build community and have fun together

- Learn more about the Great Turning, a possible story for our time.






We are living in interesting times. On one hand it is hard to ignore aspects of collapse, loss of species, changes in climate, wars and the blind devotion to the "economy" over and above all else. Equally we are a part of a collective awakening. Humans of all cultures and ages are questioning the beliefs and behaviours handed down to them.  It is a time of increasing awareness, empowerment, building community and resourcing ourselves for the more beautiful world we know is possible. There is gravity and grace, a pivot point for the human race.

One of the key skills we aspire to grow is a trust in the power and validity of our feelings. Yet we live in a culture that does not encourage the exploration nor the possibility that feelings are guides and sources of creative energy. In each of us there is a gift for our world, ReSource is will help you find it. 


Friday night dance $15 unwaged $20 waged

Saturday  workshop $65-95 depending on your means and generosity to support this work flourish

Scholarships maybe available on request


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There is only one question

How are you going to love this world?

Mary Oliver




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Jaime Howell

Jaime is a trained Wilderness Rites of Passage guide, Work That Reconnects facilitator and experienced teacher of Open Floor movement practice. He is the founder of the Centre for the Great Turning, inspired by Joanna Macy, Bill Plotkin, Tarchin Hearn and many more. 


In recent years he has been working to develop a map of human wholeness. A map that offers guidance and inspiration to undertake the journey of human wholeness. The work involves bringing communities together to create and support meaningful passageways between the life stages.


Jaime uses mythology, poetry, song and embodied conscious dance to help people enter the landscape of the soul. His work is about helping humans rediscover their innate sense of belonging to the natural world. He has a Masters in Education, a legitimate blues guitar and a passion for rites of passage that are empowering and that ultimate help folks be in wholesome relationship with the Great Turning.

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Inna Alex

Inna is passionate about the exploration of what it means to be alive in this time on Earth. Inna has been teaching Work That Reconnects/Deep Ecology workshops in NZ for over 13 years, having studied with both Joanna Macy and John Seed. She enjoys collaborating with Jaime and sharing their love for movement of heart, mind and body with people.

Inna also is a community organizer and sustainable living educator. Her earth-based lifestyle in Tui Community, Golden Bay, has provided her with many practical skills in permaculture living, organic gardening, healing foods, group facilitation, relationship and women's work. Inna is the main facilitator of InnaEvolution, offering events that deepen connection for positive action in our world. She also works with the Tui Balms workers' co-operative as well as in environmental & permaculture education with Earthcare Education Aotearoa.

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